Ienergy Space (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.
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● Under ISO management system, we control the quality strictly from raw material to finished products.
● More than 10 years factory experience in this field.
● Competitive price and superior quality.
● Accept both OEM and ODM orders.


roof mounting
제품보증연한 10 년
유형 기울어진 지붕
지지대 시스템 배치 열, 기둥
패널 틀 틀, 틀이 없는
패널 지향 세로 방향, 수평 방향
지붕형태 타일, 콘크리트, 목재, 용접 금속, 포일, 역청, 강철, 알루미늄, 시멘트 섬유, 지붕 표면, 박막
0-60 °
0-70 °
216 km/h
1.6 kN/m2
일반 사양  
지지물 자재 알루미늄, 스테인리스강, 아연 도금 강
부품자재 알루미늄, 스테인리스강, 아연 도금 강

Ienergy Space (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.

+86 592 6511780
Unit 520, Kechuang Building, No.289 Wengjiao Road, Xinyang Industrial Park, Haicang, Xiamen, Fujian
모회사: 厦门广如实业有限公司
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Louison Shen
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Ienergy Space (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in solar mounting system components. We have excellent equipment and strong technical force. We can design and produce both conventional and customized solar rack parts based on our customers’ requirements. In terms of product quality, our company has a complete and scientific quality management system which creates high quality products and provides customers with high quality products and services, so that customers have no worries. The spirit of "Sincerity, innovation and pragmatism" is our principle. With our strong technical strength and excellent service, we have won high praise from customers. We will meet your needs with the best products, service at the lowest price.

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