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AS Mini-rail Kit Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Mounting System
제품보증연한 10 년
유형 기울어진 지붕
패널 틀 틀, 틀이 없는
패널 지향 세로 방향, 수평 방향
지붕형태 용접 금속, 강철
0-15 °
216 km/h
1.4 kN/m2
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AS Mini-rail Kit Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Mounting System

AS Mini-rail Kit Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Mounting System is designed for solar installation on trapezoidal color steel metal roof.
With mini-rail design, the system still delivers firm and stable  fixation between metal roof and solar. As a cost-effective mounting
solution, the mini-rail kit greatly reduces overall project cost.


● Innovative mini-rail design delivers strong and stable fixation while delivering a cost-effective solution.
● Simple but firm design.
● Compatible to most framed and frameless solar panels.
● Pre-assembled before shipment, saving on-site installation time and labor cost.



AS Mini-rail Kit Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Mounting System
Pitched Roof
Roof Type
Trapezoidal Metal Roof
Tilt Angle
0°to 15°
Wind Speed
60 m/s
Snow Load
1.4 KN/m²
Solar Panel
Framed and Frameless
Panel Layout
Portrait or Landscape
Design Standard
AS/NZS 1170DIN 1055JIS C89552017International Building Code IBC 2009
Structure: Al6005-T5(Anodized) 
Components: SUS304 & A16005-T5(Anodized)

10 year


About Angels Solar 

Xiamen Angels Solar Energy Co.,Ltd specializes in designing, manufacturing and promoting solar mounting system.    

With mother company having over 10 years experience of ODM and manufacturing galvanized steel and aluminum structures, Angels
Solar began designing and providing solar mounting system since 2019.  The experience of metallic structures an raw materials supply
chain management, as well as quality inspection and control, makes Angels Solar competitive in delivering solar mounting solutions and
products that are cost-effective and solid.    

With dedicated and experienced R&D engineering team and efficient supply chain, we have launch a series of solar mounting system
covering residential, commercial and utility application, and we are determined to become an all-round solar mounting solution and
product provider. "Quality Value Service" is the principle we pursue.  We deliver value of mounting structures in solar projects by
innovation in product design, we satisfy our customers by providing professional service throughout the whole process o project
planning, design, delivery and commissioning.    

Together with customers, suppliers and fellow companies, we look forward to building a society of sustainable development and a
greener future.