ESPMC 250W-275W

Zhejiang ERA Solar Co., Ltd.
최저가격 ₩374 / Wp
유형: 다결정
공율범위: 250 ~ 275 Wp
지역 : 중국 중국
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Zhejiang ERA Solar Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

ERA Solar guarantees at least 90% nominal power output for up to 12 years and at least 80% for up to 30 years. ERA Solar check each module using EL measurement to ensure there are no defects that could lead to output power loss. Testing via the PASAN and SPIRE solar simulators provides an accurate value for nominal power.


제품보증연한 10 년
출력 보증 10년 동안 90% 이상의 효율, 25년 동안 80% 이상의 효율
전기적 특성 (STC)  
250 Wp 255 Wp 260 Wp 265 Wp 270 Wp 275 Wp
30.9 V 31.15 V 31.35 V 31.6 V 31.8 V 32 V
8.1 A 8.19 A 8.3 A 8.4 A 8.5 A 8.6 A
36.6 V 36.8 V 37 V 37.2 V 37.4 V 37.6 V
8.75 A 8.81 A 8.92 A 9.03 A 9.14 A 9.26 A
모듈 호률
15.3 % 15.8 % 16 % 16.2 % 16.5 % 16.9 %
  표준 테스트 조건(STC): AM 1.5, 방사조도 1000W/m2, 셀오돈 25°C
전기적 특성 (NOCT)  
45 °C 45 °C 45 °C 45 °C 45 °C 45 °C
  공칭 작동 셀 온도(NOCT): 방사 조도 800W/m2, AM 1.5, 주위온도 20℃, 풍속1m/s
열 특성  
작동 온도 범위 -40~85 °C
온도 계수(Pmax) -0.38001 %/°C
온도 계수(Voc) -0.29506 %/°C
온도 계수(Isc) 0.08558 %/°C
시스템 통합 파라미터  
최대 시스템 전압 1000 V
기계적 특성  
모듈 외형 (H/W/D) 1640x992x35 mm
무게 17.75 kg
셀종류 다결정
셀크기 156×156 mm
설수량 60
유리 유형 강화, 저철분
유리의 두께 3.2 mm
봉합재 EVA
백시트 유형 TPT
프레임 알루미늄 합금
바이패스 다이오드 수 3
케이블 4 mm2
커넥터 케이블 길이 900 mm
Certifications, 인증
제품 사양서 다운받기

About ERA

Founded in January 2006, Zhejiang ERA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the council members of China Association of Building Energy Efficiency and the wholly-owned subsidiary of Yonggao Co., Ltd (stock code: 002641). The company is devoted to the field of solar photovoltaic power generation system, dedicating to researching, manufacturing, and selling environmental-friendly products. After decades of accumulation, four series of products are available in ERA Solar, (hereafter, Zhejiang ERA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. will be referred as ERA Solar), including solar modules, solar lights, solar applications, and solar engineering projects. Among them, solar applications cover the widest scope, encompassing solar power banks, solar backpacks, foldable solar panels, solar air-heaters, solar water pumps, and many other solar commodities. 

Quality is the top priority of ERA Solar; all products are manufactured under international standards, with CSA, INMETRO, MCS, BABT, UL, CE, RoHS, TÜV, IEC61215 and IEC61730 certified. With predominant performance

Why you choose ERA solar serve as your supplier?

Strong support from ERA Group
More than 10 years experience in mass production and PV industry
Germany Quality standard(TUV,IEC61215,IEC61730 and IEC61701) for all models
Advanced and automatic production lines
Perfect quality control system
Perfect whole solar solution for off-grid solar system and solar pump system

Appoved qualified solar cell and solar module production line by China Chamber of commerce for import&export of machinery&electronic products(CCCME)

Reference Projects:

Field installationInstalled array.pngRooftop installations

As a professional PV module manufacture, ERA Solar provide worldwide our energy solution, from Germany to Spain, from large scale-project to small roofing system, ERA module show a good system performance.Besides, ERA also have an excellent project team that focus on the domestic market to design and install the PV system, so far we have already finish a lot of the domestic system in China.

Baryer, Germany

ERA 175Wp: 1.4MW

Baryer, Germany.jpg

Lindenberg, Germany

ESPSA175: 170Kw

Lindenberg, Germany

Burgos, Spain


Burgos, Spain

Madrid, Spain


Madrid, Spain.jpg

Niedersachsen, Germany

ESPSA175: 240Kw

Niedersachsen, Germany.jpg

South Bohemia, Czech Republic

ESPSA180: 500Kw

South Bohemia, Czech Republic


Zhejiang ERA Solar Co., Ltd.

No. 888, Huangjiao Road, Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang
직원수: 3,600
모회사: China ERA Group
이 업체에 메시지를 보냄
ERA Solar, a subsidiary of the stock exchange listed ERA Group, is a renowned manufacturer for Solar cells and photovoltaic modules of highest quality since many years. A multitude of realized plants with ERA solar modules all over the world provide a maximum of energy to satisfied customers day by day.

ERA Solar offers mono- and polycrystalline modules with long-term product and power output warranties. The products adhere to the strictest international quality standards,backed by MCS, BABT, UL, CE, EN, INMETRO and TUV Rheinland (IEC61215,IEC61730) certificates. ERA has achieved the registration with ISO9001 and is member of PV Cycle since 2012.

For quality control ERA Solar puts its cells and modules through rigorous in-house tests in specially equipped laboratories to test in all different environmental conditions. Each module is checked via EL measurement to avoid output powerloss and to guarantee best electronic performance.

The performance guarantee is covered by a third party insurance.

It is ERA Solar’s dedication to manufacture solar cells and modules of premium quality and delivering the best possible value for customers.


생산량 (MW)/2015: 300 MWp
단결정, 다결정
공율범위(Wp): 180-330

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