Schott North America, Inc.

Schott North America, Inc.

555 Taxter Road, Elmsford, NY 10523
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51년간의 경험, 최신 혁신: 20여년간 패널의 효율은 오직 5% 하강하였습니다. 2010년 3월 부터 Schott InDax를 사용한이래 모든 패널은 물을 방지할수있습니다.

-- , Weolis Photovoltaique Sarl

Panels that have a good quality/price ratio. They are easy to obtain and the manufacturer provides a good warranty. The aspect is nice but a little bit big. It is a strong brand and this is why you can buy it with total peace of mind.

-- Prévost Jérôme

It is a company with a long history within the solar industry. We use their panels in our installations because of their high quality. It is a very well made product.

-- , Macfarlane Generators

We, Solar Electrical Services, have been using Schott brand for many years. Their products can be operational for 20 years plus. Besides, their high quality is proven from both many institutes and markets.

-- , Solar Electrical Services Pty Ltd.

Schott is a reputable manufacturer, so you can trust in the quality of their products and rely on their warranty. Their products have an exceptionally good durability which is important in the harsh Australian environment. Their panels work quite well under extremely hot conditions.

-- , Renewable Power Systems

We like this German Brand because they have been tested and proven to have high module efficiency. They have been manufacturing for more than 50 years. They work well under the harsh Australian conditions. They have good temperature coverage.

-- , Going Solar

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