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2021. 9. 14.
2021. 9. 16.


SOLAR Ukraine 2021 International Photovoltaic Exhibitions and Conference (technologies, equipment, materials and solutions for photovoltaic solar energy) will be held in Kiev, Ukraine , on May 18-20, 2021.

UKRAINE is a large country located in the center of Europe with a sufficient level of insolation and the need for the use of electricity both in the commercial and municipal sectors. The installed capacity of solar energy facilities is approaching 5 GW, the number of households using solar generation to solve energy consumption issues is approaching 30 thousand. Developed agriculture, industry, hydropower, makes it possible to combine (integrate) solar energy facilities and production and economic facilities of a potential consumer , creates the basis for the efficient use of land resources, as well as for increasing the overall profitability of the project. The availability of highly qualified personnel allows a potential investor to find a partner for the joint production of high-tech generating and auxiliary equipment with a proper degree of localization. Excellent logistics makes it possible to build sales and supply systems for the nearest and largest sales markets in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe and Middle East.

Domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech generating and auxiliary equipment, financial and consulting institutions will present the latest technologies and solutions, equipment, materials and components in the solar energy industry at the exhibition.
Specialized seminars, panel discussions and conferences of the International Energy FORUM IEA 2021 will undermine a number of topical issues on energy consumption optimization, existing integration solutions, international cooperation, government regulation, technological innovations.

Solar Ukraine 2021 is one of the most effective and efficient marketing opportunities to get acquainted with the solar industry of Ukraine, to establish business contacts with decision makers.
Stay on top of new technological solutions, get access to the market of Ukraine and largest sales markets in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe and Middle East, present your achievements and find contacts with partners.


• Solar PV cells and modules.
• Inverters.
• Solar energy storage systems.
• Monitoring systems, measurements and management of solar power plants.
• Solar appliances.
• PV components (cables, connectors, junction boxes, etc.).
• Mounting systems, mounting accessories and equipment.
• Solar power plants.
• Materials and components for the production of solar cells.
• Operation and maintenance of solar power plants.
• Design and development of solar power plants.
• Sun tracking systems (trackers).
• Integrated systems for buildings and structures.
• Software and information support


• Specially invited delegations of OblEnergo, HydroEnergo, Energoatom.
• Representatives of government agencies and departments.
• Representatives of local communities, mayors of small towns.
• Heads of enterprises and engineering and technical services.
• Managers and engineers of RES, CHP, HPP.
• Chief Engineers and Power Utilities and industrial enterprises of various industries.
• Representatives of design, construction, installation organizations; transport specialists, service and trade enterprises.
• Land owners, developers, specialists and representatives of the agricultural sector, household owners, commercial owners real estate