Solarspace Technology Co., Ltd
East of Gaoxin Road, Xuzhou, Jiangsu
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직원수: 3,000

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Jiangsu Zhongrun Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 11, 2011. The company's main business is the research and development, production and sales of high-efficiency solar cells. According to PV InfoLink statistics, the company's cell shipments has ranked fourth in the world in 2022.
The company always adheres to product quality assurance as the primary development task, and industrialization of R&D results as the core development goal. The company has fully grasped the strategic opportunity of changing the demand for cells from polycrystalline to monocrystalline, from small to large, and from P-type to N-type in recent years. We accurately matched the needs of downstream customers by virtue of accurate research and judgment on the technological development trend of the cell market. The company has competitive advantages in development strategy layout, advanced production capacity scale, product quality control, and non-silicon cost control. Relying on the core products of large-size monocrystalline solar cells with leading quality and stable performance, the company has established partnerships with leading module manufacturers such as Jinko Solar, JA Solar, LONGi Green Energy, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, Solar Energy, and Yingli Energy. We cooperate with our partners to continuously create value for our customers.
While deeply cultivating the field of solar cells, the company has also appropriately invested in the construction of modules to optimize the layout of the industrial chain, speed up the verification of cells, promote the upgrading of cell products, and better serve downstream customers. By the end of 2022, the company has a cell production capacity of 24GW and a module production capacity of 4.5GW. The company is actively promoting the construction of overseas production capacity, with 2GW monocrystalline PERC cell production capacity and 1.2GW module production capacity in Cambodia. These will help increase the company's international market share after it is put into operation in 2023. It is expected that the company's cell production capacity will expand to more than 50GW, and module capacity to 5.7GW.
The company is committed to "building a sustainable low-carbon world", adhering to the innovative development route of technological research and development, promoting technological upgrading and product improvement, providing efficient and reliable photovoltaic products for global customers, and helping the development of green energy and the realization of carbon neutrality goals.

비즈니스 상세 정보
유형: 단결정, 다결정, BIPV
공율범위(Wp): 370-550
유형: 2축식트랙커, 1축식트랙커, 트랙커없음
유형: 투명 솔라셀, 기타
고효율 결정
유형: PERC, 양면형
제조 OEM
제품 동영상


  • SS8-72HS 530~555M
    530 ~ 555 Wp PERC, 양면형
  • SS8-54HDB 410-...
    410 ~ 430 Wp TOPCon
  • SS8-72HD 560-585N
    560 ~ 585 Wp TOPCon
  • SS8-72HS 540-560M
    540 ~ 560 Wp 단결정
  • SS9-60HS 590-610M
    590 ~ 610 Wp 단결정
  • SS9-66HS 650-670M
    650 ~ 670 Wp 단결정
  • SS8-72HD 530-5...
    535 ~ 555 Wp 양면형
  • SS8-54HD 395-415M
    395 ~ 415 Wp 양면형
  • SS9-60HD 585-605M
    585 ~ 605 Wp 양면형
  • SS9-66HD 645-665M
    645 ~ 665 Wp 양면형
  • SS6-72HD 435-460M
    435 ~ 460 Wp 양면형, PERC
  • SS8-72HS 525-550M
    525 ~ 550 Wp PERC
  • SS8-54HSB 390~...
    390 ~ 410 Wp PERC
  • SS8-54HS 395-415M
    395 ~ 415 Wp PERC
  • SS8-72HD 535-555M
    535 ~ 555 Wp PERC, 양면형
독일 Paxolar
이란 Solarniroo
이스라엘 RCS Solar
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독일 Paxolar
이란 Solarniroo
비즈니스 상세 정보
원자재유형 솔라셀, 단결정 웨이퍼, 다결정 웨이퍼, 실버페이스트, 납이 없는 실버/알루미늄 페이스트, 알루미늄 페이스트, 옥시염화인, HCI수용액, 이소프로필알코올IPA, 암모니아NH3, 황산H2SO4, 질산HNO3, 수산화나트륨NaOH, 수산화 칼륨NaOH, 카파 페이스트, 스크린, 모노실란
수출제품 / 내부 패널생산용 수출 생산품


  • Mono-crystalli...
  • P15675-5BF106-JK
  • P15675-5BB-H-F...
  • Poly-crystalin...
  • Poly-crystalli...
  • 12BB Poly-crys...
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