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Autarco is the leading solar total solution company that helps installers and EPC companies reach their full potential. By manufacturing all components and combining them with intelligent and free-to-use PV lifecycle management software, we enable our dealers to increase their profitability and lower their inefficiencies while providing end customers precisely what they need: safe and high-performing solar PV systems.

If you are looking to build a portfolio of revenue-generating assets with each PV system sold while differentiating yourself from the standard component brand offering that everybody else is selling, then contact us today!

비즈니스 상세 정보
유형: 단결정, 다결정
공율범위(Wp): 360-450
고효율 결정
유형: PERC, 양면형, TOPCon
공율범위(Wp): 360-450
제조 OEM
제품 동영상
Ready For The Future Of Solar?

Guaranteed Performance

Your investment is as sure as the sun will shine.

Autarco is the only manufacturer in the world that has an insured kWh guarantee for your solar system. If our system yields less than estimated beforehand, you get a cashback for every missed kWh. So you will get what you paid for, as sure as the sun will shine.

Increased Performance

Autarco systems perform 5% better.

Our dealers use intelligent software that not only covers design and offer but asset management as well. No one does this. It is our way of helping customers reach their full potential.

How? Creating a digital twin in our software: a detailed digital copy of every individual Autarco solar system worldwide. Appropriate action is needed when the digital twin does not match the performance. You have to know what the full potential is at all times to be able to reach it.


The world’s safest solar solutions.

Autarco’s total solar solutions mitigate the three main causes of unsafe situations.

  1. Product safety: Our quality control process ensures that all our hardware is designed and built to provide safe and reliable performance.

  2. Design safety: Autarco’s software automatically prevents poor design, eliminating the possibility of a poor design on your roof.

  3. Install safety: We are committed to leading best practices within the industry. Autarco verifies all solar installations that need to pass due diligence.

Meet Your Moneymakers

Solar Panels

Autarco offers a complete range of Tier 1 quality solar panels. Our extensive quality control and in-house testing facilities guarantee that Autarco panels meet the highest quality standards. That is why we offer premium warranties, including our industry-unique insured kWh guarantee.


We offer a complete range of high-efficiency, robust solar inverters that will silently and reliably work for you every day. From small 700W for residential applications up to 110kW units designed for the commercial rooftop and utility-scale segment, each inverter is designed to deliver the highest efficiency and reliability.

Battery Inverters

Our smart hybrid and retrofit inverters are the brains of your home's energy requirements. Make every kWh count by storing excess solar power and using it when needed most, and provide backup against blackouts.

Mounting Systems

We offer a complete range of robust and easy-to-install solar mounting systems at the best price-quality ratio available. All components are made of high-grade aluminum or stainless / magnelis steel, and their high resistance to corrosion guarantees maximum service life and full recyclability.

Monitoring Solutions

We have a full range of monitoring solutions that are fundamental to helping your systems reach their full potential. Check your kWh production wherever you are, on any device, or at any time.


Are you a PV installer and looking for ways to outperform the market? Our software offers a full suite of tools that make design and O&M as easy as possible while guaranteeing optimal performance.


Agro-Entrepreneur Invests In Sustainability With Help Of SDE+

This 294 kWp solar PV system comprises 878 MHE series 335 Wp solar panels. The yield is inverted by 5 Autarco inverters of up to 60 kW. The MHE series are highly innovative solar panels made from 120 half-cut cells with multi-wire technology. These panels no longer have busbars, resulting in superior reliability and high performance.

Solar Solution Of 161 kWp At ebm-papst

The combination of Autarco inverters and solar panels enables ebm-papst to benefit from the unique kWh guarantee. Installer Jeroen Vlemmings used our innovative Helios software to define the system in exact dimensions. The software automatically calculates the expected yield of 139 MWh in the first year. The system is insured by the kWh guarantee foundation, and for every missed kWh, ebm-papst will receive financial compensation. The business case calculated beforehand will surely be met—a very safe and reliable investment.

Dealer Spotlight: Van Hout De Tongelreep Project

In cooperation with Van Hout, we have realized the Tongelreep project, which now has over 3000 Autarco solar panels on the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium. Our dealers state that they won the project thanks to their ability to give their customers a rock-solid business case.



  • 195 / Wp
    TBJ Series (Fu...
    405 ~ 420 Wp 양면형,TOPCon
  • 1,270 / Wp
    MHJ Series 400...
    400 ~ 415 Wp PERC
  • 127 / Wp
    MHJ Series (Fu...
    390 ~ 405 Wp PERC
  • 165 / Wp
    MHL Series
    440 ~ 455 Wp PERC
루마니아 Haldus
스웨덴 KraftPro
비즈니스 상세 정보
인버터, 지지대, 모니터, 데이터 이력 기록 장치, 지붕 부착물, 마운팅 레일, 모듈 클램프
유형: 계통연계형, 하이브리드
공율범위 (kWp): 0.8-121
유형: 지붕, 떠 있는
제조 OEM
이미 파악된 판매상의 수량 인버터 2 판매업체, 지지대 1 판매업체, 모니터 1 판매업체


  • MH Series
    3.3 ~ 6 kW 하이브리드
  • LH Series
    5.5 ~ 10 kW 하이브리드
  • MR Series
    4.5 kW 독립형
  • OX Series
    88 ~ 121 kW 계통연계형
  • UX-MII Series
    55 ~ 77 kW 계통연계형
  • SX Mark III Se...
    0.77 ~ 3.6 kW 계통연계형
  • MX Mark III Se...
    2.8 ~ 6 kW 계통연계형
  • LD Mark III Se...
    3.3 ~ 11 kW 계통연계형
  • XLX Mark III S...
    27.5 ~ 44 kW 계통연계형
  • LQ Mark III Se...
    13.2 ~ 22 kW 계통연계형


  • Matrix Univers...
  • Matrix Symmetr...
  • Apex R5 Series
    기울어진 지붕
  • Apex R5CR Series
    기울어진 지붕
  • Apex R6 Series
    기울어진 지붕
루마니아 Haldus
스웨덴 KraftPro
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