Multicon Solar

Multicon Solar

Am Nienhaushof 28, 47139 Duisburg
+49 203 488676113
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설치업무 시작 날자
계통연계형, 독립형
1MW보다 작은PV시스템 설치업체, 1MW보다 큰 PV시스템설치업체
기타 서비스
디자인, 교육
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아랍에미리트, 독일

회사 설명

The Multicon solar-container is a Mobile Solar Energy Station
Independent Green Grid (Off Grid Solution) for military and civilian applications with 52 KWp Pure Solar Energy and up to 150 kWh Battery storage.The Multicon solar-container is a substitute for fossil fuel based generators. The system is completely silent and environmentally friendly with absolute 0% CO2, GHG emissions.It is also easy to operate and maintain.After just a short setup time, the Mobile Solar Energy Station starts to power your location.It is perfect for camp sites, field hospitals, disaster areas, and humanitarian relief efforts. It is also suitable for any military application because it operates in total silence to power military camps, air bases, charging stations, and radar stations 24/7 like a clock.
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