eGauge Systems LLC

eGauge Systems LLC

1644 Conestoga Street, Suite 2, Boulder, CO, 80301
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The product stands alone by itself, then you add the great customer service. I would recommend there product to everyone.

-- Jeff, Lighthouse Solar

eGauge provides a high-value flexible monitoring product with excellent customer service and tech support to back it up.

-- Phil, Creative Energies

Top notch monitoring system for your solar installations. Easy to install, affordable, easy to set up with great support team in Colorado. We have used many monitoring solutions for every known company making them and Egauge came out at the top. Install 1 and give them a try. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.

-- Adi, Greenbelt Solar LLC

We have used eGauge extensively in residential and commercial solar monitoring applications. eGauge's functionality and presentation of data is readily understood by most people. The data can also be easily downloaded for manipulation and use in business applications. The eGauge support team is GREAT. I'm a big eGauge fan.

-- Paloma, Circular Energy

We have included an eGauge monitoring system with every PV system we have installed since 2011. The eGauge format is very intuitive to understand and our customers continue to benefit from this tool years after we have installed it. We can easily monitor the solar system performance and customers can see their electricity consumption in real time and historically, which helps them understand their electricity usage. The eGauge support team is very quick to respond! They have helped us with basic configuration questions and more complex uses of their product like monitoring grid voltage for troubleshooting other issues. This is an incredibly powerful tool.

-- Rebecca, Powerfully Green Solar

2023. 9. 26.