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Located in Calgary, Alberta - EnergyCostSaver is the exclusive distributor for NanoPV solar panels in Canada. We offer a complete line of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and building integrated PVs. Standing the test of time, our modules have been used and tested in all parts of the world in all climatic conditions.

With manufacturing facilities in many parts of the world, NanoPV solar panels possess one of the highest yields in the industry. All panels have international certifications for standards and safety offering optimal reliability, durability with cost-effective solutions for any application – from solar system providers to the end-user.
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  • 342 / Wp
    NPV MP 365-380W
    NanoPV Solar 단결정
  • 342 / Wp
    NPV MP 144-6-410W
    NanoPV Solar 단결정
  • 354 / Wp
    NPV-BFC 385-400W
    NanoPV Solar 양면형, PERC
  • 342 / Wp
    NanoPV Solar 다결정
  • 342 / Wp
    NanoPV Solar 다결정
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