IBC Solar Receives EPC License in Japan

게시됨 2016. 6. 28.
IBC Solar 
IBC Solar AG is to further expand its project business within the Japanese market. The company has now applied for the official EPC license. Upon the granting of the license, IBC Solar will be officially licensed to build large-scale turnkey projects in Japan through its own local corporation. IBC Solar expects the licensing in July 2016.

This enables the company to expand its range of services within the Japanese market. "We are happy to make an even bigger contribution to the Japanese energy transition with the EPC license. The change in the political climate in recent years, as well as related funding programmes and feed-in tariffs, are making Japan a very interesting market economically", says Harald Bultmann, Director EPC International. Besides the presence of a local office and the submission of an official application to the relevant authorities, the requirements for a license state that the employment of licensed engineers who have obtained specific qualifications only available in Japan is necessary. Furthermore, they have to demonstrate ten years of professional experience. There are also requirements relating to the reliability and financial solidity of the company.

"The location is topographically very demanding: on the one hand, we have to take into account that heavy snowfall is a very real possibility, but on the other, the soil at this location is very loose, which in itself has special requirements in regards to the structural engineering. Here, we will benefit from IBC Solar's extensive experience of the global implementation of large-scale projects", explains Bultmann.

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