Dhamma Energy Begins Construction of 87.5MWp Solar Park in France

게시됨 2019. 10. 8.
Dhamma Energy 
Dhamma Energy celebrated last week the laying of the foundation stone of the 87.5MWp Athies-Samoussy park, a large solar plant in the northern France region of Hauts-de-France.

The ceremony marks the start of the construction of the project located at the former NATO airbase of Laon-Athies. Works have begun in September and will last one year.

"We can be proud to see the birth of a project of such magnitude that is going to participate in the fight against climate change", said co-founder of Dhamma Energy Philippe Esposito. 

Investment for the Athies-Samoussy solar park stands at around 70 million euros. Among the investors in the project are public and private groups.

Record for crowdfunding

The Athies-Samoussy solar park set a record for crowdfunding. The project collected 1.1 million euros through the platform Lendosphere in 25 days last July. This amount is a record for crowdfunding for a solar project awarded at national auctions in France. Only local investors participated in the gathering of funds.

The Athies-Samoussy project was a winner at two national auctions that took place last year in France.

The solar park will cover a surface area of 100 hectares at the former airbase of Laon-Athies and will provide a new use for the site. Yearly electricity production will be 93 GWh; this is the equivalent of the domestic consumption of 40.000 households.

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