Clenergy Closes Sale of 65 MWp Solar Power Project in Germany

게시됨 2020. 2. 11.
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology 
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology Co. Ltd and Obton closed an sale of a 65 MW solar farm power project in Ganzlin, Germany.

"Clenergy is very pleased to have secured Obton as Buyer of our solar farm and closed the transaction for this showcase project in Germany" commented Daniel Hong, Chief Executive Officer of Clenergy. "Obton has been the right partner with their experienced gained for more than 10 years and in over 160 deals globally" Mr Hong said. Daniel Ruoss, GM of the Global Project Business in Clenergy, said "the 65 MW solar farm is one of the largest PV project in Germany for many years and is financed by Norddeutsche Landesbank. Construction is well underway and commercial operation is scheduled June 2020."

Anders Marcus, CEO Obton said: "Clenergy is an outstanding partner for us, and we are thrilled to announce the transaction. The PV power project in Ganzlin fits perfectly in Obton's vision of creating a sustainable future for the coming generation and we are looking forward to continuing doing so in one of our biggest markets, Germany."

Both Buyer and Seller acknowledge the contribution of the local teams in making this deal a success.

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