Kseng Solar Displays All-scenario Solar Racking Solutions at PV Expo Osaka 2022

게시됨 2022. 11. 18.
Kseng Solar 
Kseng Solar exhibited at PV EXPO Osaka 2022 in INTEX Osaka, Japan, presenting its full range of solar racking solutions for the Japan Market. Featuring high-cost performances and localization services, the company's innovative solar racking solutions on display including roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and agrivoltaics solar solutions, are particularly eye-catching at the booth. With local branch and warehouse, Kseng Solar has delivered multiple solar projects in Japan, and supplied over 3GW solar racking shipments for the market.

Presented Products

- Solar Roof Mounting Solutions: L feet Solar Metal Roof Mounting System, Standing Seam Roof Mounting System
- Solar Ground Mounting Solutions: Aluminum Ground Mounting System, Steel Ground Mounting System, Pile Ground Mounting System
- Agrivoltaics solar solutions: Agriculture solar farm mounting system

Dedicated in providing solar racking and tracking systems provider since2015 and driven by the mission of "Empowering our world with clean energy", Kseng Solar will continue to deliver advanced and suitable solar solutions for different scenarios, to meet the increasing diverse demands of the locals.

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Kseng Solar (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/kseng-solar
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