Enershare Breaks Ground on an On-grid Project

게시됨 2022. 11. 25.
Enershare broke ground on an on-grid project which was set up in a solar power station, which obtain up-to-date concepts in this area.

A great November month day and night at Enershare finished off the solar station project demo. High-frequency charge and discharge. We’re proud to be able to offer a solution that can help clients’ solar power stations. Converting from electric power to solar power is a feasible and eco-friendly way to use energy to a large degree.

At the same time, the high-voltage solar energy storage system configures with a battery pack, battery cabinet, control box, wire harness, inspection report, and product certification.

Apart from that, the communication port for the communication system between the battery box BMU and the BMS with external communication CAN1 definition/TEST definition/RS485 definition, which has a different function from the corresponding port.

Frequency Response
Quickly constant discharge/charge, up to 1C
Repeatedly cycle lifetimes per day 4000-6000 times

The successful case is associated with our team effort. A very warm acknowledgment to all our partners, customers, and attendees of this proceeding. We’re looking forward to supporting your future projects with the next system sparking more fresh concepts and innovative concepts.

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