Grace Solar Completed Customized 100kW Metal Roof Solar Mounts System in South Korea

게시됨 2013. 4. 28.
Grace Solar 
Xiamen Grace Solar Completed Customized 100kw Metal Roof Solar Mounts System in South Korea.

Recently, the 100kw solar power station project on metal roof put into operation to generate electricity, so far, Xiamen Grace Solar has installed photovoltaic capacity of 500 magawatts.

The plant which built with metal roof is located in a factory in the suburbs of south Korea. The whole project applied Grace Solar metal roof mounting system, and customized solar roof hook. The highly pre-assembled products can save much money and time for customers. 

The area has 2203 theoretical maximum sunshine hours, and less than 2km distance from the national off-grid power station, so it is an ideal place to build PV power station.

This project construction started in early March, cooerated by Xiamen Grace Solar and the local contractor company EPC. The electricity price will be 1yuan/kwh, and predict to generate 150,000kwh a year. which means it can save 65 tons standard coal and reduce 1.4 tons sulfur dioxide emission.

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