Schutten Solar Modules Successfully Financed by Volksbank in Germany

게시됨 2013. 5. 8.
Schutten Solar 
Schutten Solar had got their premium modules successfully financed by Volksbank in Germany.

Two projects around 800kW in total, located in the North of Germany, were built with Schutten poly 240W modules.

After an investigation on the background of Schutten Solar company and evaluation of the module quality, Volksbank decided to give financial support on the two projects!

Our journalist called Mr. Jeff Chau, who is the Sales Director of Schutten Solar, saying: "Thanks to our partner in Germany, who is a distributor and system integrator, we got our projects financed by Volksbank. But this didn't happen easily! Current solar business is very blue, especially after EU launched the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations upon Chinese solar products, it gets harder and harder to get financial support from banks. As I know, a lot of projects were forced to stop or suspend because of cash shortage. Banks hesitate to finance solar projects. They don't want to take the risk! Our partner have good reputation in Germany, very professional in solar business, that is why they could get the projects financed successfully! Of course, our excellent performance in the past and first-class quality products work as a solid foundation for this! This cooperation means a lot to us, giving our old, new and potential clients confidence on our cooperation! We are really happy for this and will devote ourselves to producing the best and most competitive solar products to our clients and partners all over the world!"

An official confirmation was also given from Volksbank on this cooperation, which could bring Schutten Solar more business opportunities in Europe! 

This is really precious to Schutten by considering current market situation in EU!

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