Centrosolar Glas Breaks New Ground with Thin Glass

게시됨 2012. 8. 29.
Centrosolar Glas 

Centrosolar Glas GmbH & Co. KG has developed a particularly thin solar glass for photovoltaic modules. With solar glasses that are only 2.3 mm or 2.6 mm thick Centrosolar Glas has transferred another innovation in the area of cover glasses for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors into series production.

True to the motto "less is more" the company succeeded in reducing the minimum thickness by almost 30% at the same mechanical resistance thanks to process optimization. The thin glasses currently offered exclusively by Centrosolar Glas reduce the total weight of the modules, which simplifies the assembly and saves transportation and mounting costs.

The solar glass with a thickness of only 2.3 mm and 2.6 mm is particularly suitable for glass-glass modules. Up to now, single pane safety glass could only be produced with a minimum thickness of 3 mm.

The CENTROSOL thin glass also offers the advantage of higher light transmission. It moreover extends the operating life of the PV modules because glass is more resistant to environmental effects than a plastic back sheet. The thermal conductivity of glass is higher than a backing film, reducing the cell operating temperature of a glass-glass module and improving efficiency especially in hot climatic conditions. Moreover it offers aesthetic advantages: the thin glass sandwich gives the PV module a high-tech character. What is more, the customer can match the colour of the glass backing to the roof.

The energy yield can be further increased by means of the CENTROSOL HiT Nano Power anti-reflective coating. This coating further improves the transmission properties and therefore the annual energy yield of a photovoltaic system by up to 6%. Furthermore, the low-iron solar glass with anti-reflective coating exhibits hydrophilic surface properties, creating a degree of self-cleaning.


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