2BG, Contract for Stringers Supply in China

게시됨 2010. 11. 26.
Rise Technology  2BG s.r.l. announces the order receipt from China for the supply of Nr. 8 SPIRIT, with infrared technology for solar cells soldering.

The equipment will be delivered and installed in a Chinese company in Jiangsu area, from mid-December 2010 to conclude the last installation by the end of March 2011: ensuring the respect of a noteworthy expansion plan in just 4 months.

Dario Bernardi, Chairman and spokesman of 2BG Srl declares: “2BG was chosen thanks to its skill to give concrete and reliable answers in a very short time, demonstrating in a tangible way the reliability of the provided systems and services, protecting the customer’s production. During these years, we’ve tried to create an organizational structure firmly important, in order to take part in these projects with narrow time schedules. But signing this contract has a great worthiness, as for 2BG means the entrance in a new market with huge potentialities.”

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