TerniEnergia Established in Cape Town the New Subsidiary of the Group

게시됨 2012. 10. 29.

- TerniEnergia South Africa Ltd will operate in the fields of renewable energy and recovery of materials and energy, within the business internationalization strategy

- The subsidiary has already held an EPC contract for the construction of a photovoltaic plant for a primary European utility, with a power of 9.5MWp at the Upington Airport

TerniEnergia has completed the establishment of TerniEnergia South Africa Ltd in Cape Town (RSA), a 100% subsidiary.

The South African subsidiary will operate with maximum efficiency in carrying out the substantial program of activities in which the Group expects to develop in South Africa and neighboring countries, considered to be strategic in terms of tendency for growth business related to renewable energy and environment.

In particular, TerniEnergia South Africa will be involved in this first phase in the construction, as EPC contractor for primary European utility, of a photovoltaic plant at the airport of Upington, with a total capacity of 9.5MWp, that will be connected to the grid by the end of October 2013. The company was also deeply involved in the preparation of technical and financial offers (as EPC and O&M contractor) to develop 7 projects for new plants, with a total capacity of 280MWp.

The subsidiary was also involved in preparatory activities to the develop new projects both in the energy sector, through the creation of additional photovoltaic palnts, both in the environmental sector, through the possible implementation of activities in the "circular economy" (material recovery), also in neighboring countries.


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