Hanwha Q CELLS Launches C&I PV Kit in France

게시됨 2014. 12. 1.
한화큐셀 (한화솔루션 큐셀 부문) 
Industry & Commerce in France now have the opportunity to buy a Q CELLS full service PV Kit solution. Hanwha Q CELLS today announced to have started selling the 100kW Kit solution to French PV installers in October 2014. "Having already sold the first 100 kWp kits to installers in France, Hanwha Q CELLS has proven its ability to successfully introduce this kind of PV product to the French market," said Philippe Pflieger, Hanwha Q CELLS' Head of Sales France.

The 100kW kit for commercial and small industrial roofs includes more than 360 Q CELLS modules with power classes of up to 280W, inverters and a mounting system allowing modules' installation in portrait or landscape. Multiple orientation options are also available. Monitoring, main AC switch and equipment like ground cable and connectors are also part of the offer. Over one average day in France, the system will produce around 325kWh of electricity; over a full year a total of 118.000kWh will be generated and fed into the grid.

Positive business outlook for France

"France is one of Hanwha Q CELLS' focus markets in Europe. We see a good Q4 business in country's market segments and assume a promising business in the French PV market, especially for the year to come," said Philippe Pflieger. "We have entered into long-term partnerships with medium-sized and large-scale installers in the whole country since spring 2014. The PV provider offers financial stability and an on-site service throughout the entire country. Regarding the French installers and utilities segment the company has a double-digit market share. "Within this pricewise challenging environment we see ourselves well positioned to maintain our ground through our competitive products."

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한화큐셀 (한화솔루션 큐셀 부문) (솔라패널): https://kr.enfsolar.com/q-cells
한화큐셀 (한화솔루션 큐셀 부문) (솔라 부품): https://kr.enfsolar.com/q-cells
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