JinkoSolar Inaugurates its Solar Cell and Solar Module Fab in Penang, Malaysia

게시됨 2015. 5. 27.
Jinko Solar 
JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. today announced the inauguration of Jinko Solar Sdn Bhd. in Penang, Malaysia. The construction of the facility has been finished and put into operation weeks ago. Since fully operation, the annual capacity will reach 500MW solar cells with up to 22.5 percent conversion efficiencies and 450MW solar modules.

The Malaysian plant will be the Company's first overseas cell production facility and its module capacity will add to its overseas module capacity. This facility is about 25,000 square meters, and will house 7 solar cell production lines when fully online. It will offer 1,200 job opportunities and generate annual revenue about 2 billion RMB.

"Since we made decision to build up this Malaysia Fab last December, we took less than 6 month to complete it and now it is already in production, benefiting from our leading manufacturing technology, and efficiently-run global operations and management. Again we demonstrate JinkoSolar's execution and magic speed," said Kangping Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar, "The scale and breadth of this cell and module fab campus in Malaysia will be a core element of our technology and global manufacturing roadmap to meet continuing escalating demand of our solar PV products."

"This is our biggest overseas investment and actually it is also the biggest investment of Chinese solar product manufacturer, which happens to coincident with ‘one belt, one road'." initiative proposed by Jinping Xi, China's president. "Malaysia offers us talent pool of highly educated workers and engineers, relatively advanced industry infrastructure, a receptive business investment climate, cost competitive environment. In return, we bring our latest technology and manufacturing excellence know-how and expertise, our experienced management team helping to cultivate local talents, and our capital as well. Hereof, we are not only build a factory, we build an open platform to integrate technology, information, talents and vision for the future," added by Kangping Chen. 

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