Allesun New Energy (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
최저가격 ₩122 / Wp
셀종류: 단결정
공율범위: 4.69~4.89 Wp
지역: 베트남 베트남
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Allesun New Energy (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

고효율 태양 전지는 태양 전지 모듈의 고성능을 보장하고 최대 출력을 생성합니다. 안정된 전기 공급. PERC 기술 또한 사용 가능합니다. 역전류 및 외관을 100 % 확인 완료했다.


SSC-156.75M 4.69 SSC-156.75M 4.74 SSC-156.75M 4.76 SSC-156.75M 4.76 SSC-156.75M 4.81 SSC-156.75M 4.84 SSC-156.75M 4.86 SSC-156.75M 4.89
솔라셀 기술 단결정
치수 156.75×156.75 mm
대각선 210 mm
셀 두께 200 ± 20 µm
앞면 (-)  
모선수 4
바스바 너비 1.1 mm
바스바 원료 실버
반사방지막 질화규소
뒷면 (+)  
납땜 패드수 4
납땜 패드 너비 2.2 mm
납땜 패드 원료 실버
뒷면 전장 (BSF) 알루미늄
전기적 특성 (STC)  
최대출력 (Pmax)
4.69 W 4.74 W 4.76 W 4.79 W 4.81 W 4.84 W 4.86 W 4.89 W
최대전압 (Vmpp)
0.543 V 0.546 V 0.547 V 0.548 V 0.549 V 0.55 V 0.551 V 0.552 V
최대전류 (Impp)
8.64 A 8.69 A 8.71 A 8.74 A 8.76 A 8.8 A 8.83 A 8.87 A
개방전압 (Voc)
0.636 V 0.638 V 0.639 V 0.64 V 0.641 V 0.642 V 0.643 V 0.644 V
단락전류 (Isc)
9.16 A 9.2 A 9.21 A 9.23 A 9.25 A 9.29 A 9.31 A 9.35 A
셀 효율
19.2 % 19.4 % 19.5 % 19.6 % 19.7 % 19.8 % 19.9 % 20 %
열 특성  
온도 계수(Pmax) -0.38 %/˚C
온도 계수(Voc) -0.36 %/˚C
온도 계수(Isc) 0.07 %/˚C
강도 의존성
개방 회로 전압
1000 W/m2
900 W/m2
500 W/m2
300 W/m2
200 W/m2
제품 사양서 다운받기

About Ningbo Sunbe Electric (Solar) Industries

sunbe is a group enterprise registered in hong kong, with factories in ningbo and jiangxi and sales company in shanghai and abroad. sunbe occupies so far totally 71960m2 land, 27000m2 manufacturing building and has total investment 21 million in usd at first phase with registered funds 6.5 million in usd.

Sunbe is a professional maker in solar pv module; grid -tied inverter and pv output controlling system; solar pv stay alone controller, inverter and its system; low energy light (led, cfl, lps) etc.

Sunbe has advanced and medium level technical and administration persons and 2 rd centres in pv grid-tied technology & pv lighting. there are totally 24 lines facilities and multi-devices making pv module, inverter, controller etc products.

Now manufacturing capacity in pv module is 150mw, application system now is 10mw, and 20mw 2 years later.

Sunbe pv products have been selling to all over the world since 2003 and sunbe shares more and more marketing rate in china too.

Sunbe has been striving and dedicating to solar pv career since 2003 with her high technology, strict quality surveillance and worldwide marketing stretching.




Allesun New Energy (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

+84 204 3766133
B1, Song Khe Noi Hoang Industries Zone, Song Khe Commune, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang Province
직원수: 108
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Contact Face
Jackson and Michelle
Contact Face
Jackson and Michelle
Contact Face
회사 설명
Allesun was incorporated in May 2006, current headquarter in San Jose USA, owns two marketing/Sales companies in Canada and USA, two manufacturer in Vietnam&India(especially for N America/EU),specializing in making solar cell, module with Allesun brand name,and current capacities are 300mw of solar cells and 500mw modules. Our PV module have obtained TUV/Intertek(IEC CE)and CSA(UL)certificates under supervised with ISO9001.......


Very good business partner, they are a honest and credible partner, we do hope to be given chance to provide our quality and services...

-- , Zhejiang Feiyu New Energy Co., Ltd.

Allesun is a credible and reliable partner, It is our honer to build relationship with Allesun, and be proud that we could be one of your backs heet suppliers...

-- , Zhejiang Jingmao Technology Co., Ltd.



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