East/West Ballasted Roof Mounting System

Xiamen Landpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd.
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대체 제품

최저가격 ₩133 / Wp
  • 유형: 카포트 마운트
  • 제품보증연한: 15 년
  • 경사각: 0-20 °
  • 풍하중: 216 km/h
  • 설하중: 1.4 kg/m2
  • 지지물 자재: 알루미늄, 스테인리스강
  • 부품: --
  • 패널 지향: 세로 방향, 수평 방향
  • 패널 틀: 틀, 틀이 없는
  • 무게: --


East/West Ballasted Roof Mounting System
제품보증연한 10 년
유형 평지붕
패널 지향 수평 방향
10-60 °
216 km/h
1.4 kN/m2
일반 사양  
지지물 자재 알루미늄, 스테인리스강
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Xiamen Landpower Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Unit 704, No.496, Xinlinwan Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian
직원수: 180
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Landpower is a leading Solar Mounting Systems Manufacturer. We have been engineering and manufacturing Solar Mounting Structure for 12 years. We have rich experience both in load calculations on steel and aluminum structure, and Aluminum Extrusion and processing. Landpower has been standing for first class quality in metal processing,We are developing and manufacturing mounting solutions for solar farms,flat roofs,pitched roofs and solar carports,our mounting systems are successfully installed on all around the world for 50s countries.

Our know-how both on mounting solutions designing and Metal processing ensure us to delivery you best solutions with supreme quality. We take customer’s satisfaction as our priority and keep innovation on design,our mission is to deliver high value and cost-effective solar mounting system to make solar installation easy.

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