CSG PVTech Co., Ltd.
최저가격 ₩210 / Wp
유형: 단결정
공율범위: 325 ~ 340 Wp
지역: 중국 중국
참고: 귀하의 문의가 CSG PVTech Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

1. 포지티브 출력허용 오차 0+6w 보장.
2. 엄격한 TUV, JET, CEC, ETL, Anti-PID 테스트, 염수 분무 부식 테스트, 샌드 마모 테스트에 통과된 재료
3. Photon Lab 실외 모듈 테스트 수율 측정 높은 랭크 획득. 2013 년 Poly – 2위, Mono – 6위 선정
4. 10 년 제품 품질 보증 및 25 년 동력 보증.


325 330 335 340
제품보증연한 12 년
출력 보증 10년 동안 90% 이상의 효율, 25년 동안 80.7% 이상의 효율
전기적 특성 (STC)  
325 Wp 330 Wp 335 Wp 340 Wp
34 V 34.2 V 34.4 V 34.6 V
9.56 A 9.65 A 9.74 A 9.79 A
40.6 V 40.8 V 41 V 49.2 V
10.11 A 10.2 A 10.29 A 10.29 A
모듈 호률
19.1 % 19.4 % 19.6 % 19.9 %
출력 허용오차 (+)
+ 3 % + 3 % + 3 % + 3 %
  표준 테스트 조건(STC): AM 1.5, 방사조도 1000W/m2, 셀오돈 25°C
열 특성  
작동 온도 범위 43~47 °C
온도 계수(Pmax) -0.36 %/°C
온도 계수(Voc) -0.28 %/°C
온도 계수(Isc) 0.04 %/°C
시스템 통합 파라미터  
최대 시스템 전압 1000 V
퓨즈의 정격전류 15 A
기계적 특성  
모듈 외형 (H/W/D) 1708x1000x35 mm
무게 18.8 kg
셀종류 단결정
셀크기 158.75×158.75 mm
설수량 60
유리 유형 강화, 저반사, 고투명
유리의 두께 3.2 mm
봉합재 EVA
백시트 유형 KPK
프레임 양극 처리 된 알루미늄 합금
바이패스 다이오드 수 3
정션박스 보호등급 IP 68
커넥터 유형 MC4
케이블 단면도 4 mm2
커넥터 케이블 길이 300 mm
제품 사양서 다운받기

About CSG PVTech

Established in 2006, CSG PVTech Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of CSG Holding Co., Ltd for R&D, Production and Sales of Solar cell and Solar modules. CSG Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984 and being public listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1992, became one of the earliest public listed company in China. Now, CSG group has 8 large-scale manufacturing industrial parks and more than 20 subsidiaries and over 12000 employees. After 30 years pioneering, CSG has been developed into an enterprise group with two industrial chains of energy-saving glass and solar PV. 

Relying on strict quality management, capable cost control and constant technology innovation, a complete PV industry chain has been built up by CSG, covering poly-silicon, ingot, wafer, solar cell, solar glass, solar module and solar project development. The vertical integration enables us to provide PV products with stable quality and optimal cost-performance for our customers. Moreover, our poly-silicon factory adopts hydropower generated from Three Gorges Dam, listing us into one of the few manufacturers using green energy for production.

We devote to producing Green Energy by Green Energy. In addition, we, together with our partners, are committed to make mutual contribution to a sustainable society.

Our Strength

CSG PVTech is one of the three major projects in CSG solar value chain, its advantages are as below:

1. Being the benefit position of our vertical solar industrial chain: we can get strong support from our own polycrystalline materials, our own solar glass and therefore, own the ability to control our product quality and cost for the whole product chain.

2. With years of production experiences on both solar glass and semiconductor, we can ensure our technical capabilities of solar cell/module in terms of R&D, manufacturing solutions, such as advanced printing, heating and sintering technologies.

3. Long-term technology cooperation with many prestigious international solar research institutions can keep our technology level always be at a high level.

4. Worldwide distribution networks including subsidiaries and agents in Europe, the US, Australia, Middle East and many other countries. It is convinced that in the near future, it will develop to be a flagship enterprise which can promote the development of PV industry.

Our Projects



CSG PVTech Co., Ltd.

+86 769 88288579
CSG Green Energy lndustrial Park, Machong, Dongguan, Guangdong
직원수: 1,000
모회사: CSG Holding Co., Ltd.
참고: 귀하의 문의가 CSG PVTech Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.


생산량 (MW)/2019: 1200 MWp
단결정, 다결정
공율범위(Wp): 150-400

유용한 연락처

Contact Face
John Lee
Contact Face
Iris Wong
회사 설명
Established in February 2006, CSG PVTech Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSG Holding.
The company’s main products cover high efficiency monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells, photovoltaic modules and more. With many years of experience in R&D and production of semiconductor materials, the technical advantages of R&D and manufacturing in solar cells and modules are guaranteed.
비즈니스 상세 정보
유형: 단결정, 다결정, BIPV
공율범위(Wp): 150-400
CSG Holding Co., Ltd.

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