Sidrabe Vacuum, Ltd.

Sidrabe Vacuum, Ltd.

17 Krustpils Str., Riga, 1073
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Since 1962 Sidrabe has been manufacturing vacuum deposition equipment and developing unique technological processes for production, pilot and R&D coaters.
Numerous technological processes have been realized successfully in Sidrabe machines in many applications
Sidrabe R&D Department is capable of performing unique contract research.
Our Metallization shop offers contract coating.

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솔라셀 생산장치: 솔라셀 증착장치, 솔라셀 스퍼터링, 솔라셀 PECVD, 건조로
결정패널 생산 장치: 라미네이터
박막패널 생산 장치: 박막 증착장치, 박막 스퍼터링장치, 박막AR코팅, 박막PECVD