Astronergy Receives Licence to Import 100MW of Solar Modules to Turkey

게시됨 2017. 1. 19.
Astronergy receives an import licence from the Turkish Ministry of Economics. The company is permitted to supply a total of 100MW of capacity to Turkish photovoltaic projects. As a result, additional production lines are starting up at the plant in Frankfurt (Oder).

Astronergy already has supply contracts to deliver the first 50MW of modules to Turkey in the form of the ASM6610P module. In securing these contracts, the company has benefitted from its long-standing contacts with the EPC Solmotion and its Turkish subsidiaries.

"The local investors are specifically asking for high-quality modules, and they are prepared to pay more for them. Quality is worth it, because losses in yield are far less common than they are with PV projects that use poor quality modules", reports Thomas Volz, the CEO of German-based Astronergy. "Our highly automated production also ensures that our module quality is not only very high, but also consistent. That's why, for example, we have an extremely low complaint rate of only 0.005 percent – word of this has clearly spread throughout the market."

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