Anhui Schutten Solar Energy Co., Ltd.
유형: 단결정
공율범위: 645 ~ 675 Wp
지역: 중국 중국
제조업체에 문의
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Anhui Schutten Solar Energy Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.

제품 설명:

• Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions

• PID Resistance

• High Efficiency

• Low-light Performance

• Severe Weather Resilience


STM-645/132-S4 STM-650/132-S4 STM-655/132-S4 STM-660/132-S4 STM-665/132-S4 STM-670/132-S4 STM-675/132-S4
제품보증연한 12 년
출력 보증 25년 동안 84.8% 이상의 효율
전기적 특성 (STC)  
645 Wp 650 Wp 655 Wp 660 Wp 665 Wp 670 Wp 675 Wp
37.3 V 37.5 V 37.7 V 37.9 V 38.1 V 38.3 V 38.5 V
17.29 A 17.33 A 17.37 A 17.41 A 17.45 A 17.49 A 17.53 A
45 V 45.2 V 45.4 V 45.6 V 45.8 V 46 V 46.2 V
18.31 A 18.35 A 18.39 A 18.44 A 18.48 A 18.51 A 18.55 A
모듈 호률
20.76 % 20.92 % 21.09 % 21.25 % 21.41 % 21.57 % 21.73 %
  표준 테스트 조건(STC): AM 1.5, 방사조도 1000W/m2, 셀오돈 25°C
전기적 특성 (NOCT)  
483.9 Wp 487.7 Wp 491.4 Wp 495.2 Wp 498.9 Wp 502.7 Wp 506.4 Wp
35.3 V 35.5 V 35.7 V 35.9 V 36.1 V 36.3 V 36.5 V
13.7 A 13.73 A 13.76 A 13.8 A 13.83 A 13.85 A 13.88 A
42.2 V 42.4 V 42.6 V 42.8 V 43 V 43.2 V 43.4 V
14.79 A 14.83 A 14.86 A 14.9 A 14.93 A 14.96 A 14.99 A
온도 43±2 °C
  공칭 작동 셀 온도(NOCT): 방사 조도 800W/m2, AM 1.5, 주위온도 20℃, 풍속1m/s
열 특성  
작동 온도 범위 -40~85 °C
온도 계수(Pmax) -0.34 %/°C
온도 계수(Voc) -0.25 %/°C
온도 계수(Isc) 0.04 %/°C
시스템 통합 파라미터  
최대 시스템 전압 1500 V
퓨즈의 정격전류 30 A
기계적 특성  
모듈 외형 (H/W/D) 2384x1303x35 mm
무게 35.7 kg
셀종류 단결정
설수량 132
바이패스 다이오드 수 3
정션박스 보호등급 IP 68
커넥터 유형 MC4
케이블 단면도 4 mm2
커넥터 케이블 길이 300 mm
제품 사양서 다운받기


Our products have been approved by international certifications like TUV, CE, IEC, INMETRO, BIS, etc., and domestic certifications like CQC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, etc.


First-class solar panel warranty

12-year Warranty for Materials and Processing

25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output


Product Characteristics

Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions

PID Resistance

High Efficiency

Low-light Performance

Severe Weather Resilience

About Schutten

Schutten Solar is a world leading solar module manufacturer and comprehensive solar solution provider. We are specialized in highly efficient solar module research, manufacturing and distribution to global market with advanced module production capacity available both in China and abroad. Schutten is located in Chuzhou city, Anhui province, China since 2013. Till now, we accumulatively shipped above 10GW solar modules to more than 100 countries, developed and built 500MW solar projects all over the world.

Anhui Schutten Solar Energy Co., Ltd.

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No.888 Weisan Road, Economic Development Zone, Quanjiao County, Chuzhou, Anhui
직원수: 1,000
참고: 귀하의 문의가 Anhui Schutten Solar Energy Co., Ltd.로 직접 발송이 될 것입니다.


생산량 (MW)/: MWp
단결정, 다결정
공율범위(Wp): 180-610
회사 설명

Schutten Solar, a state-level high tech enterprise with the most advanced PV production equipment in the world, are specialized in production and sales of PV modules, as well as providing design, installation, and after-sales services for PV power plants and PV systems.

Not only has R&D center for new products, Schutten also has reached strategic cooperation with China Electronics Research Institute (CETC 40) and many other universities. The Certificate obtained include Anhui Demonstration Enterprise Certificate, Provincial Specialized New Enterprise Certificate, Anhui Famous Brand Certificate, Anhui Top Ten Outstanding Innovative Enterprise Certificate, Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award, Provincial Digital Workshop Award, Municipal Intelligent Workshop Award, Quanjiao County Quality Award etc. Until now, 26 utility model patents and 14 invention patents were obtained, with TUV, IEC, CE, CEC, CQC, TISI, BIS certifications.

Currently, Schutten has two PV module production bases located in China and Thailand, with world-class production and testing equipment which are used to produce double-glass, multi bus bars, half-cell and other high-efficiency PV modules.

Through strict quality control system, perfect production, quick after-sales service, Schutten has built sales channel in 177 countries, including India, Germany, France, Serbia, Hungary, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Spain, Poland, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

Schutten solar will not only make a valuable contribution towards the environment, but also increase our own competitive advantages to keep the planet "blue sky, green life".

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Room 1801, Zhengtong Building, Intersection Of Furong Road And Buxian Road, Economic Development Zone, Hefei, Anhui
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