Sices México, S. de R.L. de C.V.
Calle Río Lerma N° 232, piso 23, col. Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, 06500
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Of Italian origin, with more than 40 years in the energy market, committed to continuous innovation and transparency in the supply of photovoltaic solar energy generation equipment, Sices México offers the best solutions for greater competitiveness and growth of its customers.

In Brazil, Sices Solar was the first company to organize the supply of equipment for the generation of solar energy on an industrial scale.

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서비스범위 북아메리카, 남아메리카
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  • 527 / Wp
    LR4-72HPH 445-...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • 518 / Wp
    LR5-72HPH 535-...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • 533 / Wp
    S4 Series SRP-...
    Seraphim Solar ... PERC
  • 526 / Wp
    LR5-66HPH 480-...
    LONGi Solar 단결정


  • Fronius Primo UL
    Fronius 계통연계형
  • Fronius Symo UL
    Fronius 계통연계형
  • Fronius Symo A...
    Fronius 계통연계형

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비즈니스 상세 정보
유형: 단결정
공율범위(Wp): -
고효율 결정
유형: PERC
공율범위(Wp): 440-5
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