SMART connecting solutions Renewable Energy Distributor

SMART connecting solutions Renewable Energy Distributor

Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 2A, 24537 Neumünster
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As an experienced ENERGY EXPERT and DISTRIBUTOR in the Renewable Energy Sector, we provide convincing and target-oriented B-2-B solutions to our customers in Europe, Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Thanks to our worldwide network with high quality manufacturers we offer a wide range of enduring Photovoltaic and LED components as well as the corresponding (after-sales) services. Our vast portfolio is the basis for the realisation of profitable and durable Photovoltaic Power Plants. Just benefit from our EXPERIENCE!

Are you a PV system Installer looking for high-quality components? Or are you a business customer who would like to make use of large roof areas to generate energy and revenue from sunlight? Then, we have all the required solutions for you.

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독일어, 영어, 스페인어, 프랑스어, 이탈리아어, 폴란드어, 포르투갈어
분배자 / 도매업자
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SMART connecting solutions Group

판매자 제품


  • JAM66S30 480-5...
    JA Solar 단결정
  • AS-7M108N-BHC-...
    Amerisolar 양면형, TOPCon
  • DG Series HiE-...
    HD현대에너지솔루션 주식회사 PERC
  • ASTRO N5s CHSM...
    Astronergy TOPCon
  • Hi-MO X6 Explo...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • Hi-MO 4m LR4-6...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • AS-7M144N-BHC-...
    Amerisolar 양면형, TOPCon
  • ZXM7-UHLDD144 ...
    Znshine Solar TOPCon
  • GCL-M12/66GDF ...
    GCLSI 양면형
  • Hi-MO X6 Scien...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • ECO-390-400M-66SA
    Eco Delta 단결정
  • Hi-MO 5m LR5-5...
    LONGi Solar 단결정
  • Hitouch5N HN18...
    Hanersun Techno... TOPCon
  • ECO-440-450M-5...
    Eco Delta TOPCon
  • LX-415-435W M1...
    Luxor Solar 양면형, TOPCon
  • Tiger Pro 72HC...
    Jinko Solar 양면형, 단결정
  • eArc SMF425-43...
    Sunman 단결정
  • HiKu6 CS6R-395...
    CSI Solar PERC
  • Vertex S+ TSM-...
    Trina Solar TOPCon
  • DG Series HiE-...
    HD현대에너지솔루션 주식회사 PERC


  • BluE 3K-25K-M1
    KSTAR 계통연계형
  • RHI-3P(5-10)K-...
    Ginlong Solis 하이브리드
  • Solis-(80-136)...
    Ginlong Solis 계통연계형
  • SUN2000-50KTL-M3
    Huawei Technolo... 계통연계형
  • PLENTICORE plu...
    Kostal Solar 하이브리드
  • Sunny Tripower...
    SMA 계통연계형
  • SE66.6K/100K G...
    SolarEdge Techn... 계통연계형
  • Solis-(50-60)K
    Ginlong Solis 계통연계형
  • SUN2000-30/36/...
    Huawei Technolo... 계통연계형
  • SUN2000-3/4/5/...
    Huawei Technolo... 하이브리드

에너지 저장 시스템

  • Battery-Box Pr...
    BYD 지능형
  • Residential ES...
    KSTAR 지능형


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